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Isle of Barra - Surf and Coastal Adventures

The Outer Hebrides is beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, wild rocky cliffs, shelterd lagoons. It's a unique watersports paradise, so come and jump into an unforgettable adventure.

Lying on the very fringe of Europe, the Outer Hebrides are amongst the most beautiful islands in the world. This string of islands offers fantastic scenery and wildlife, and make for a stunning adventure destination.

Isle of Barra - Surf and Coastal Adventures is based on the beautiful Isle of Barra. The beaches of Barra and Vatersay are among the very best in the world with fabulously large and empty stretches of perfect white sands and crystal clear waters. These are blissfully uncrowded surfing beaches, which are a fantastic alternative to more well-known spots on the mainland and Inner Isles.


Away from the beaches there are beautiful sheltered lagoons which are home to grey and common seals. Here in the crystal clear waters we run amazing snorkel safaris and sea kayak trips, with close encounters with seals.


Along the west coast of Barra there are some amazing sections of high cliffs, stacks, caves and surging inlets which make an ideal arena for our adrenaline pumping activity of coasteering.


So come to Barra and enjoy the world class ocean activities we have on offer